The Private Sector Consultative meet with the Australian company Fortescue:

In this meeting which took place in the presence of Afghanistan private-sector leadership including the International Chamber of commerce in Afghanistan, Afghanistan Chambers federation, Afghanistan Chamber of mines and industry, Afghanistan chamber of Agriculture and livestock and a representative of Fortescue company for Afghanistan and Pakistan, discussed on various topics in the agenda. Mr. Nangyali Shinwari, a representative of Fortescue company to Afghanistan and Pakistan, provided detailed information regarding the new mining contract with government of Afghanistan and mentioned that Fortescue company is one of the largest companies in the world in extraction and development of mining and we are committed to work together with private sector of Afghanistan especially with the mining sector in the field of study and development of mines of Afghanistan with accordance to our signed contract with Government of Afghanistan.Afghan private sector officials spoke and express their concerns about the contract process with the aforementioned mining company, and asked representative of Fortescue company to provide details on how Fortescue company get this large mining contract from the government of Afghanistan. Afghanistan private sector officials also spoke about the importance of joint working and cooperation with Fortescue company and called to establish a specific mechanism for joint cooperation and the involvement of private sector in the implementation of this agreement.At the end of the meeting, it is decided that Fortescue company and the government will provide full information about the contract to the private sector and will work closely and in coordination with the private sector, especially with mining sector.