Policy Advocacy and Business Practice

ICC policies, rules and standards are prepared by specialized working bodies called ICC Policy Commissions. Commissions examine major policy issues of interest to business community. The commissions are unique platform of the specific business sectors for policy makers, the government officials and the business community. The commissions improve the Public Private Dialog (PPD) and Public
Private Partnership (PPP) on national business projects.
ICC Afghanistan established the policy commissions based on the need of the business community and appoints delegates from these commissions to represent it at meetings of the ICC Headquarter Policy Commissions and develop positions papers through these expert groups:

  • Arbitration & ADR
  • Banking
  • Commercial Law and Practice
  • Competition
  • Corporate responsibility & anti-corruption
  • Customs and Trade Facilitation
  • Digital Economy
  • Economic Policy
  • Environment and Energy
  • Intellectual Property
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Taxation
  • Trade and Investment Policy

When a b business policy paper and recommendation is drafted by one of the above policy commission, it’s our job to share it with the relevant policy makers and we lobby for the implementation through different means of communications. When an organization, company or individual become the member of ICC Afghanistan, they can become the member of one of the above policy commissions, to benefit from the network and be a part of policy papers drafting group.