Benefit & Services to Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce

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Benefit and Services to Afghanistan WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS FOR CHAMBERS? As a member of ICC, a chamber automatically becomes part of ICC’s World Chambers Federation, a dedicated body for chambers within ICC which includes local, regional, national, bilateral and sectoral chambers. Below are the specific benefits for chambers: Get a personal login for

Networking & Conference

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Networking and Conference ICC Afghanistan provides the unique opportunity to its members to attend the world class business events globally. ICC National Committees in more than 90 countries organize business events which is very useful for business community of Afghanistan to attend and improve their business internationally. The World Chambers Congress (WCC) is a

Training & Workshop

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Training and workshop Staged all over the world, ICC events range from large topical conferences to training sessions for small groups. These smaller courses share ICC’s expertise on commercial arbitration and dispute resolution mechanisms as well as ICC’s trade tools including Incoterms® rules, uniform customs and practice for documentary credits (UCP) and international contracts.

Rules Setting and Distribution of rules and publication to business

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Rules Setting and Distribution of rules and publication to business ICC publishes mainly for international traders, investors, lawyers, arbitrators, bankers, students and other people covering topics such as international banking, investment, international trade reference and terms, law and arbitration, counterfeiting and fraud and model commercial contracts. ICC Afghanistan is the authorized distributor of ICC

Dispute Resolution Services

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Dispute Resolution Services The ICC International Court of Arbitration is a world leader in resolving international commercial dispute. When commercial disputes arise, ICC’s market leading dispute resolution services can be relied on to resolve them as efficiently and economically as possible. We offer a wide choice of administered procedures as an alternative to litigation

Policy Advocacy and Business Practice

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Policy Advocacy and Business Practice ICC policies, rules and standards are prepared by specialized working bodies called ICC Policy Commissions. Commissions examine major policy issues of interest to business community. The commissions are unique platform of the specific business sectors for policy makers, the government officials and the business community. The commissions improve the